How do you know if your skin is dull?


It's not realistic to think that drinking water will plump your skin and make it bouncy. am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The quantity and quality of the sponges inside the skin are the main factors controlling hydration in the skin.

These sponges are water-retaining, and they expand by incorporating water. Think of a sponge wrapped in twine. It won't expand much if you dip it in water. It won't improve fine lines and wrinkling. The season affects our skin hydration.

A dry, itchy, and less-luminous complexion is what we usually experience. Christopher Ardant said that water doesn't help your skin. It is good for you to drink water, but is not going to change the level of hydration on your skin. Hydration is not the same as a healthy diet.


What is dehydrated skin?

When water is lacking, your skin gets thirsty. Dehydrated skin can happen to anyone. The symptoms include: 

  • itching
  • sunken eyes
  • dullness
  • increased visibility of lines and wrinkles


Is My Skin Dry or Dehydrated?

This is a common mistake. Dehydration can be associated with dry, normal, and even oily skin. Dry skin is a skin type that lacks oil and can be treated by the right moisturizing products.

It's important to know which one we're treating, as one requires hydrating and the other requires moisturizing.


Should we hydrate our skin?

Dehydrated skin means more oil, why? it makes up for the missing water. This can cause the skin to feel oily and dry at the same time, that's why the skin is breaking out, irritated, has more oil than usual, and even has dry patches.

A healthy, flawless complexion can be achieved by increasing the water content in your skin cells.


Instances that makes your skin dehydrated

  • Outdoor Environment

Dry air and winds from the winter causes water to evaporate from your skin, leaving it itchy, flaky, and irritated.

  • Hot Showers And Baths

Even if you take a bath, your body will lose its water. Did you know that? The protective oil layer on your skin is being stripped by the overly-hot water.

  • Air Conditioning

Dry air leaves us with dull, dehydrated skin.

  • Harsh Chemical Skin Care

Extreme skincare products strip the complexion of natural oils in your skin which causes dehydrated skin.

  • Diet

Water levels in your body could be affected by what you eat and drink. Go easy on alcohol, coffee, and processed foods. The body expels water with the help of alcohol and caffeine.

How To Hydrate?

1. Drinking enough water.
The key is flawless skin. The main cause of dull skin is waste and toxins. It's important to make sure you're getting enough water when you're faced with dehydration like alcohol, caffeine, salty foods, and tobacco.

2. Use Hydrating Skincare Regimen.
Even if you are using moisturizers, it is important to include a hydrating serum. It's important to make sure that your hydrating serum contains humectant and facial oil.

The combination makes healthy oils to the skin, maintaining its sebum balance.

3. Spend Less Time on Showers
During the colder seasons, hot baths and showers can keep you warm, but they can also dry you out. It's easier for your skin to lose its hydration with hot water.

Warm water can be used to prevent skin dehydration.

4. Do No Harm
It's really bad for skin to be dehydrated, as it can cause irritation and inflammation. When you're experiencing dehydrated skin, beware of using fragrance and preservatives. They are the two main causes of skin irritations.

You should always check the ingredients in your products.


Pick products that will help you. The skin's "tight junctions" hold the layers together and are major focus of hydration. It's important to keep them healthy.


Combat the drying effects of the seasons by spritzing a facial mist throughout the day. I recommend Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist by Circadia.



A new concept in “smart” products, this lightweight serum provides additional hydration as needed while adjusting to climatic conditions. I recommend using Circadia's Moisture on Demand too! As said,  serum penetrates the skin deeper, can be a great addition to your skincare regimen!