La Vie En Rose Replenishing Facial Water


Whenever you sense the urge to stop and smell the roses, but don’t have an actual rose bush in your immediate vicinity, we’ve got the next best thing for both your spirit and the absolute best offering for your skin. 

With a few mists of our La Vie En Rose Replenishing Water, not only will your complexion perk up like parched petals that have finally gotten a big drink of water, leaving your skin dewy and luminous, but you’ll also feel an instant energetic shift and wave of calm wash over your senses. 

Thoughtfully chosen to pair with the soothing qualities of Rose Water, the Bee Balm in La Vie En Rose Replenishing Water acts an aromatherapeutic tonic that reduces anxiousness and cortisol (acne-triggering stress molecules), which helps you to further attune your divine feminine energy and love frequency while simultaneously aiding the skin in combating acne and visible signs of aging. 

For a “life through rose-colored glasses” experience when incorporating La Vie En Rose Replenishing Water into your skincare ritual, we invite you to start each spritz with an intention or affirmation that resonates — “I embody Venus energy, I am divinely guided, I am love” — we off these for you to keep.

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