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We'll set up a face-to-face consultation and treat you to a  Signature Facial, which is customized for your skin type. Since this isn't a facial that treats a specific condition, such as hyperpigmentation or acne, it covers all of the basics and allows us to analyze your skin. The Signature Facial will help us formulate the next steps of your skincare journey in order to accomplish your goals!

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We'll set up a virtual consultation to get acquainted with each other and discover your skin's needs. Online consultations focus on product recommendations and the fee of $50 can be used towards purchasing products or services. Fill the form below to book an online consultation.

*Note: Online consultations are recommended when you're trying to incorporate new products for your skin type and routine. However, an in-person consultation is ideal for Cici to review your individual complexion's needs and recommend a tailored skincare plan.

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